Pretty cool

I think they left me chained to that desk in the interrogation room for at least 20 hours.  I’m sure that’s illegal.  Everything they’re doing is illegal but that’s what bothers me.  After they stormed out only one of the power suit quartet came back in to talk with me.  He has the nicest suitContinue reading “Pretty cool”

Take me out to the ballgame

They left me chained up for a couple more hours and then the 4 suits and lady suits came back with two other people.  Because it wasn’t crowded enough in the tiny interrogation room.  These two really were detectives and I shit you not they looked almost exactly like the two detectives from the thirdContinue reading “Take me out to the ballgame”

This will go on your permanent record

Walrus stache broke it down.  They would politely refrain from make me disappear into the legal system and in exchange I was to rescue some kid that’s fallen in with a cult.  I suggested that they had better ways of accomplishing this than hassling me.  They disagreed.  They said that this task requires someone withContinue reading “This will go on your permanent record”

The old bad cop walrus cop routine

The police station they took me too was very nice.  They left me chained to a table for longer than I think they’re supposed to.  Where’s the ACLU when you need them?  I’m sure that I could have used my strength spell to break the shackles.  I didn’t because I figured that I couldn’t beContinue reading “The old bad cop walrus cop routine”

I think emergency whistle is the preferred nomenclature

Okay.  Approaching Kaisey on campus wasn’t the best idea.  I thought that she would be less likely to make a scene with a bunch of people around.  She went the other way.  In fairness to myself going in I didn’t plan on doing anything other than talking to her.  When I saw that she hadContinue reading “I think emergency whistle is the preferred nomenclature”

Here I go again on my own

I sat in the car for a while with the book.  And the cash.  Taking that makes me a thief I reckon.  I tried my finding spell on the person who made the book.  Didn’t work.   I didn’t expect it would. What do I do about the two guys I sent to the yellow wallpaper maze? Continue reading “Here I go again on my own”

Examining the lives and morality of young people at the dawn of the Jazz Age

I took Alpha Chi Delta’s keys and noclipped him.  I told him his “brother” was around with food and water in the land of endless yellow walls if he could find him.    I parked his Mazda CX-5 by a trailhead.  While I was driving his car I thought that I should get a sedan or a vehicleContinue reading “Examining the lives and morality of young people at the dawn of the Jazz Age”

OOC – Botchamania

It’s been said that you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take. Like many motivational sayings it doesn’t actually make sense but we all get the idea. A few months back I saw a kickstarter for a comic book (Disciple) about a pro wrestler who starts doing magic stuff. I thought, neat someone hasContinue reading “OOC – Botchamania”

I bet urologists have seen worse

When I woke up Martynova was already gone.  I picked up the tailgate special from Chicken Express.  50 spicy tenders, corn on the cob, cheese sticks, mac & cheese, coleslaw, apple pie, biscuits with gravy, and 2 gallons of sweet tea for 34 bucks.  I hope some cold chicken is thanks enough for her help.  IContinue reading “I bet urologists have seen worse”


Martynova doesn’t know anyone in the Russian mafia.  She hates vodka.  She does know a guy named Vadik.  She referred to him her cousin but I think he’s really a friend not a relative.  He has a farm up near Paint Creek.  He was fine with us coming up there at 3 AM to threatenContinue reading “Balance”