Part 11 – Sound of da police

Grace doesn’t know how many miles she’s driven since she started wrestling and occasionally saving the world.  Why would she?  But I do because I am the Narrator!  Well, I don’t know exactly because who would keep precise of track on something like that, only a crazy person.  But I know that it’s somewhere inContinue reading “Part 11 – Sound of da police”

Part 10 – Kiss the snake

Calling men with guns cowards typically is not a wise idea.  If they’re not cowards it doesn’t help certainly, but if they are cowards calling them out on it might give them the gumption they need to put their cowardice on hold long enough to shoot you down.  There’s probably a small selection of menContinue reading “Part 10 – Kiss the snake”

Part 9 – Freeze

Some animals have this mechanism in their brain that tells them how close a predator has to be before it can get them.  How far away they are calculated by how fast they are and so on.  The reason for this (they think) is so that the animal can keep eating until the last veryContinue reading “Part 9 – Freeze”