On to Columbus

How much does someone owe you if you save their life?  Everything.  In truth even if you save someone you can’t trade on their goodwill forever.  That’s extortion.  I saved you so you owe me.  Not cool.    Lucy floated me some money to help Andrea and Cassie get relocated.   She told me that she doesn’tContinue reading “On to Columbus”

Part 15 – Trouble with the curve

One time there was this book called Freakanomics.  It made the claim that the drug trade is the world’s worst pyramid scheme.  This book outlined that the street dealers, who take most of the risk of getting shot by rivals and/or getting sent to prison, make less than minimum wage while the bosses at theContinue reading “Part 15 – Trouble with the curve”

Part 14 – The third incantation of pickle magic has been lost since the 11th school rectification

The human mind has a real hard on for patterns.  It’s been “proven” many a time given the chance your mind will find patterns where none exist.  Why does this happen?  Maybe because it offers an illusion of control and understanding.  That illusion is helpful because most people don’t handle it well when confronted withContinue reading “Part 14 – The third incantation of pickle magic has been lost since the 11th school rectification”

Part 13 – Ungrand theft auto

Grace doesn’t want to yell at Andrea, for a variety of reasons.  She has no problem yelling at Huddie.  Right now any generally. “Huddie, what the hell did you do to those guys?  Did you kill them?  Those were cops Huddie!  Real cops!”  Huddie’s response is slurred mumbling that may have been something about raspberryContinue reading “Part 13 – Ungrand theft auto”

Part 12 – Helping

Before Grace can get “What the fuck are you doing?!” shouted out of her mouth Huddie is springing through the door of the stolen Trax, he’s damn spry for a 170-year-old fella.  Once out he’s on the run doing some wuxia arm waving accompanying words that sound like an Italian composer discussing his newest composition. Continue reading “Part 12 – Helping”

Interlude – What measure a man?

Richard Forde was born March 16, 1828 in Ireland.  He doesn’t remember exactly where, he hasn’t been home for a long time and his memory isn’t what it once was.  After failing to gain entry to Trinity College of Medicine in 1846 he moved to London to attend law school, quitting sometime during his secondContinue reading “Interlude – What measure a man?”

Part 11 – Sound of da police

Grace doesn’t know how many miles she’s driven since she started wrestling and occasionally saving the world.  Why would she?  But I do because I am the Narrator!  Well, I don’t know exactly because who would keep precise of track on something like that, only a crazy person.  But I know that it’s somewhere inContinue reading “Part 11 – Sound of da police”

Part 10 – Kiss the snake

Calling men with guns cowards typically is not a wise idea.  If they’re not cowards it doesn’t help certainly, but if they are cowards calling them out on it might give them the gumption they need to put their cowardice on hold long enough to shoot you down.  There’s probably a small selection of menContinue reading “Part 10 – Kiss the snake”