Part 8 – Prudence overturns a dustbin and faces stern consequences

Eventually Grace and Cassie head back to Andrea’s apartment.  You can’t just hang around at a coffee shop forever after all.  This isn’t Friends.  Zoom!  Take that Marta Kaufman and David Crane.  You may have hundreds of millions of dollars but I burned you good.    The plan, such as it is, consists of speaking toContinue reading “Part 8 – Prudence overturns a dustbin and faces stern consequences”

Part 7 – Smile through your fear and sorrow (j/k that’s a terrible idea)

What Cassie can tell Grace about the ring is that it’s the wedding ring of Andrea’s sister.  You guys remember her right?  She was a police detective and she found out about magic and her husband died and she got transfer to work for a fake FBI division to keep her quiet and she hadContinue reading “Part 7 – Smile through your fear and sorrow (j/k that’s a terrible idea)”

Part 6 – It’s a coffee break time

There’s no denying Grace is, at worst, a very good pro wrestler.  Actually I guess you can deny it since wrestling is a performance art so it’s objectively subjective, but if you ask me in being a good wrestler rests on three legs, much like a milking stool.  First leg of the stool you haveContinue reading “Part 6 – It’s a coffee break time”

Part 5 – Amazed and confused

Grace grabs Huddie’s arm to prevent more fire-throwing even though she knows that’s not how magic works (although kind of it is) and is heard to remark “Jesus Christ, what the hell are you doing?!” Huddie tries to pull free of her grasp but is surprised by how strong Grace is, also that she doesn’tContinue reading “Part 5 – Amazed and confused”

Interlude – A little night music

Imagine that it’s dusk and a light rain is falling.  You’re in your nice apartment that you kind of can’t afford but you’re making it work.  You’ve had a hard day at your job – most likely as a cashier or food prepper or janitor or bartender or server, which are the five most commonContinue reading “Interlude – A little night music”

Part 4 – It’s hard to tell laughing and crying apart without sound

Grace and Huddie are in her Rav4 outside a much nicer apartment building.  Grace has a momentary flashback to being one a similar stake-out with Christie Lane – lurking outside an apartment building on a raining night.  Nothing much looks the same, and Huddie isn’t telling bad jokes, but it’s enough to evoke a sadContinue reading “Part 4 – It’s hard to tell laughing and crying apart without sound”

Part 3 – Remember when Obi-Won told Luke to give up and get a real job?

One thing about Grace is that she never lets anyone drive her anywhere if she can help it.  The key is to stay mobile.  If someone drives you somewhere then you’re at their mercy unless you steal their keys, which can be difficult to do quickly if you need to flee.  It’s not good forContinue reading “Part 3 – Remember when Obi-Won told Luke to give up and get a real job?”

Part 2 – It’s always sunny at Denny’s

Grace would be the first one to tell you that she’s no looker.  Actually, that’s not true, a lot of people would line up to tell you that before she would.  But she wouldn’t deny it is the point.  Actually she might deny it because people lining up to tell you you’re not very attractiveContinue reading “Part 2 – It’s always sunny at Denny’s”

Part 1 – What you don’t know absolutely will hurt you. Bad.

Grace wakes up shivering.  Because she’s in cold water.  Because she’s in the bathtub in a motel room she doesn’t remember checking into in a city she doesn’t remember driving to.  This is not how she likes waking up.  She’s not alone in the bathroom.   Sprawled out sitting on the toilet like an old geezerContinue reading “Part 1 – What you don’t know absolutely will hurt you. Bad.”

Where in the world is Amazing Grace?

With the door open I saw out into the parking lot.  It didn’t look right.  I pushed past the man standing in the doorway.  Nothing I saw looked familiar to me.  I remember checking into a Red Roof Inn.  The sign I saw said Baymont Motel.    He asked me again what was wrong with me. Continue reading “Where in the world is Amazing Grace?”