I feel confident I can do this 8-11 more times without consequence

Ashley spent a lot of time explaining what a raw deal she got.  Lucy did the same when I first met her.  Ashley explained how being a Cuban woman meant that she was screwed.  Even though she graduated top of her class at Northwestern and she’s very smart.  She told me about how smart sheContinue reading “I feel confident I can do this 8-11 more times without consequence”

Hello, my name is Margaret

I stayed with Lucy for a couple days.  She did project manager stuff in her office while I got my pump on in her home gym.  It is nicer than 80% of gyms I’ve been in.  And I’ve been in a few.  You can only work out so much so I also cleared some brush on herContinue reading “Hello, my name is Margaret”

AWS is how

Here’s what makes what Bora and Kelly did even more extraordinary.  When I called Bora it was because I wanted to get her friend’s number, let’s call her Lucy, the one that I helped with that female empowerment imbroglio.  In desperation to find someone to help me, I figured that Lucy had some knowledge of ritual magic soContinue reading “AWS is how”