Why does everyone have a hard on for killing witches?

Last night, to get ready for meeting a real witch hunter, I watched Hansel & Gretel Witch Hunters VS. Van Helsing: Dawn of the Hunters.  Jeremy Renner’s character is now played by Aaron Eckhart. This makes no sense because if you’re going to do a multi-movie franchise thing, you should recast younger not older.  DudeContinue reading “Why does everyone have a hard on for killing witches?”

Witch hunter witch hunt showdown

A First Nation person got mad at me once because I asked if she knew about magic.  She said that was uncool to think that a Native person might believe in magic.  I’ve felt bad about that ever since.  Now Killer Kelly (not that one, the other one) rolls in here and says she knowsContinue reading “Witch hunter witch hunt showdown”

No sell

I called Killer Kelly (not that one but the other one).  I thought she should know that I maybe knew what happened to her sister.  It was an awkward call.   I didn’t really have anything solid to tell her.  She said she was going to come to Big Thicket.  I told her that wasn’t aContinue reading “No sell”

The south shall blah blah blah you know whatever

You might be surprised to learn that Big Thicket Texas has three hotels.  That’s at least two more than I expected.  The Pinebox Motel wasn’t bad the first time around.  The second time when I checked in, the red-nosed motherfucker at the front desk was an asshole for no reason. While I got a room,Continue reading “The south shall blah blah blah you know whatever”

There’s so much to love

Ginger Rock grabbed me and pulled me into an office.  It’s not normally that easy to manhandle me.  I tried to knock his hands away but he was strong as fuck.  Before I could cast my strength spell and push back, I was in there and he slammed the door.  Next thing he did wasContinue reading “There’s so much to love”

You can’t fight city hall

I’ve been working a loop for NOW! Pro Wrestling.  I got a parking ticket at a show.  The promoter told me that all I had to do was go down to the courthouse and they would take care of it since I was supposed to be there.  Normally I’d ignore something like that but sinceContinue reading “You can’t fight city hall”

Thou shall not kill, J/K

I deleted a “sorry if you’re religious and this offends you” opening because saying that isn’t going to make anyone who would get offended not get offended.  I don’t mean anything by it is the point.   I’ve been listening to the Bible in the car and I noticed the app has a function where itContinue reading “Thou shall not kill, J/K”

Irresistibly Hot

Even though I don’t have the money to spare, I stopped at the luxurious Holiday Inn Express.  I couldn’t handle another night in the car.   At the front desk they told me I had enough rewards points for a free night stay.  So the ID Lucy gave me must be for a real person andContinue reading “Irresistibly Hot”

Net earnings $87.43

I had to call Kim and Doug to help get me some bookings.  It’s depressing how quickly people forget about you in this business.  Maybe they never knew is the problem.  In Genesee Depot, Wisconsin, some drunk assholes tried to steal the ring while it was being loaded into the truck.  In Marblehead, Ohio, “Fanatic”Continue reading “Net earnings $87.43”

OOC – The rich bastard’s guide to magic

I watched a couple episodes of Futureman and based on that I think I’ll throw Eliza Coupe into the mix for casting Grace when this highly popular and very successful blog gets turned into a Netflix show. She’s a little too short though so Mackenzie Davis is still in the lead probably with Betty GilpinContinue reading “OOC – The rich bastard’s guide to magic”