The end of the tour

I thought the NVC had agreed to wait for me but they no-showed Lubbock.  I thought that Chadd 2 Badd would have been pissed off about that but he didn’t seem to care.  He said that he was surprised that they bothered to show up at any of the events he booked.  He said the key to booking the Nightmare Violence Connection without losing your mind is not counting on them to actually turn up.  If they do come great, they put on a good show, but don’t depend on it.

Then for no reason I can think of, he confided in me that he and Cori had a “thing” back in the day.  To change the subject I asked him how they make money if they blow off bookings regularly.  He said that they rob banks to make ends meet.  I’m only 60% sure he was joking. 

Things have been chilly with 42561 but the good thing about wrestling is that you don’t have to like someone to work with them.  Now that I say that, that’s probably true of most jobs.  I wonder if there’s any job where you need to like your co-workers to do well.  Hmm.   

At least I’ve gotten a little better at tag team wrestling.  The $75 a show I got paid was almost enough to cover my travel expenses, food, and hotels.  If I keep at this wrestling thing for a few more years, I might start to break even.  Chadd 2 Badd gave me a crisp 100-dollar bill as a bonus so I’ll reckon him a straight edge even though he told me things about Cori and her sexual proclivities I never wanted to know. 

Neither Eugenia or Cori answered when I called but they said their Peruvian-Russian Voodoo man is at the Rook Takes Pawnshop in Lafayette so that’s where I’m headed.  Even if nothing pans out there, I can visit Doug the Disco Biscuit.   

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