Royale Fantastique

I’m sure most people would think that Royale looks a little silly since he’s always dressed so nicely.   But I think he looks dignified.  There was solidness to him, and gravitas, sadness too.  He wasn’t morose or taciturn or whatever else people say that I am, but there’s a little part of him that neverContinue reading “Royale Fantastique”

Campus visit

Altogether I attended a couple months of high school.  A few weeks here and a few weeks there when I was at different foster homes before I quit going or ran away or both.   I’m not really qualified to judge colleges.  Having been said, I can tell you this, the campus at Cornell is muchContinue reading “Campus visit”

The Finish

I started this blog as a journal.  I posted whatever I was thinking about whenever I felt like posting.  I figured no one would read it so there was no reason to worry about what I was saying.  I was mostly right.  There was one person who started reading it.  I will now start calling her TagContinue reading “The Finish”

The Heat

Running that first show in Tallahassee was the most stress I’ve ever felt in my life.  And I say that knowing that I’ve had objectively a pretty fucked up life.   That time I was worried because I knew Kim was putting his ass on the line for me.  I was worried because I knew whatContinue reading “The Heat”