The epic battle between good and evil

I’m not very good at keeping two spells going at the same time yet.  But I’m getting better.  I had the professor’s shield spell and 42561’s pain editor spell going when I burst into Christie’s hotel room.  I kicked the door and everything.  It was very dramatic.  I was ready to rumble.   

He was not.   

As Kaseya said he would be, he was in the bathroom.  He was slumped down in kind of a crouch-lean against the corner of the tub and the wall.  The sink was filled with what looked like bloody black vomit.  It was also splattered across the mirror and the floor.  A big strand of it was still connected to his face like a little rope ladder for the world’s most disgusting bridge.   

It was thick and tacky like syrup that’s been kept in the refrigerator.  The stink was ungodly.   

He looked up at me and croaked “Help me” with little flecks of revolting bloody slime flying off his lips.  That was about the same time I said “What the fuck?!” 

He started heaving and his stomach started rippling like a skin wave.  It was a little like in a movie when they show a woman giving birth.  He made a sound like he was being ripped in two.  He lurched forward and grabbed the rim of the toilet and proceeded to expel a mass of greyish yarn-like strings about the size of a grapefruit.  It was like a cat hacking up its own brain instead of a hairball.  It was followed up a deluge of purplish sludge that kind of looked like motor oil.  Except purple.

He fell back to the floor like he might be dead.   

“What the fuck?!” I repeated.  Because, honestly, what the fuck? 

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