A small price to pay?

When I was working at Phoenix Powerslam Pro, I went on a road trip with 42561.  I didn’t blog about it.  I can’t say why.  It didn’t feel right.  The short story is that in Needles, California, people were turning into bug monsters.  I guess I know why I didn’t blog about it, it soundsContinue reading “A small price to pay?”

The epic battle between good and evil

I’m not very good at keeping two spells going at the same time yet.  But I’m getting better.  I had the professor’s shield spell and 42561’s pain editor spell going when I burst into Christie’s hotel room.  I kicked the door and everything.  It was very dramatic.  I was ready to rumble.    He was not.   Continue reading “The epic battle between good and evil”

Women supporting women

Some people not in the wrestling biz talk about how there’s a brotherhood in wrestling.  I didn’t understand that until I heard someone talk about how brothers treat each other.  Brothers eat each other’s food, try to sleep with each other’s girlfriends, steal each other’s money, talk shit about each other behind their backs.  ButContinue reading “Women supporting women”

How do you quit when you have no boss?

Covered in sweet and sour sauce, Linda and I caught the bus to the Blue Room Comedy Club where she gave me a ride in her car back to the killer’s trailer to get my car.  She asked me what we would do if he was there.  I said that I’d snap his neck.  ButContinue reading “How do you quit when you have no boss?”

At least it wasn’t peanut sauce – that shit burns

Since my find spell didn’t work, I figured I would have to try something else.  Linda had a real hard time accepting that magic was a thing.  She thought she had just been drugged and left in a real place in the real word.  I told her to look around.  Granted, a bunch of roomsContinue reading “At least it wasn’t peanut sauce – that shit burns”

Do you tip a waitress you’re planning on abducting?

Fact, wrestling would be a great cover for a serial killer.  Fact, the life of a road comic is similar to that of a wrestler.  Ipso facto, comedy is also a great cover for a serial killer.  Why a serial killer would trap women in a magic realm of endless yellow wallpaper rooms is harderContinue reading “Do you tip a waitress you’re planning on abducting?”

So other dimensions exist?

I had dragged the bed close to the closet so I could stand on it to reach the hatch.  I was leaning forward awkwardly.  I didn’t feel anything but I thought I must have fallen off the bed because my perspective changed suddenly. I didn’t fall.  I was somewhere else. There was carpet.  It wasContinue reading “So other dimensions exist?”

What? Like the back of a Volkswagen?

A few weeks ago I saw an Amber alert and I wondered if I should drive around looking for the car.  It’s been nagging at me ever since.  It finally hit me last night when I woke up to go to the bathroom.  I have fucking magic.  Of course I should do something.    To make myself feel better aboutContinue reading “What? Like the back of a Volkswagen?”

Half of my heart isn’t in Havana (na na na)

I worked a show in Pensacola and swung over to see Kim in Tallahassee.  He went on an epic rant after I told him that happened with PPW.  I guess it’s nice to know he cares.  I declined his offer of getting drunk.  I did take him up on his offer to stay in hisContinue reading “Half of my heart isn’t in Havana (na na na)”

Take a look it’s in a book

The book I took from Tag is mostly violent rambling and other insane bullshit, but there is some instruction on how to do spells in there.  It gave me a better understanding of blood magic.  I don’t think you can learn real magic from a book without someone teaching you.  But this vile shit?  Maybe.Continue reading “Take a look it’s in a book”