Death wore a cowboy hat

I suppose instead of putting together a wrestling show I should be traveling the country figuring out what the female empowerment cult people are up to and coming up with a plan for putting a stop to their wicked ways.  But why is that my responsibility?  That sounds childish but I still feel it.

I hate superhero movies.  One reason why is that the super people aren’t really doing anything – why aren’t they out using their superpowers all the time to help the world instead of waiting for a space mutant to try and murder everyone before they get their shit together? 

Why does Superman waste time as pretending to be a reporter when people are being murdered every second of the day?  Why isn’t he Supermanning all the time?

But here I am doing the same thing.  Not that I’m a superhero, but if you find out about a murder cult shouldn’t you do something?  What would that something be though?  I don’t want to be one of those people who just throw up their hands and give up because a problem is “too big” but I don’t know what to do about it. 

Other than murder of course.  I could hunt down all the cult people and kill them.  Doesn’t seem like a good idea though.

Forgetting about murder cults for a minute I actually got a couple bookings recently.  I think because the people I’m booking on my show having been putting in a good word for me.  I’ve been in Texas for a couple days working shows.  I realized this – if you call someone ma’am while wearing a cowboy hat that changes everything. 

When a hatless guy ma’ams you it seems snide at best.  But when they have a cowboy hat on it seems respectful and old-fashioned in a good way.  I wonder what other powers different kinds of hats have.   

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