For now, these hot days, is the mad blood stirring

I read that on a bottle of hard lemonade. I think it’s Shakespeare. I listened to a mental health app that asked a series of questions about if you’re sleeping enough and if you talk to your friends every day.  Things like that.  It told me to think about the last time I was reallyContinue reading “For now, these hot days, is the mad blood stirring”

On the road with Amazing Grace

As much as I drive I’m surprised that I haven’t seen more accidents.  I suppose most crashes are in the cities where the people are.  So it probably makes sense.  On the way to Naperville I saw a guy in front of me lay down his bike.  I think it was in Sharon Springs or Winona, it was beforeContinue reading “On the road with Amazing Grace”

I should have learned to swim while I was at Crystal Lake

I picked up a last minute booking at a sleepaway camp for performance arts.  Which is a very strange sentence.  I’ve worked in front of plenty of small crowds.  I mean small like 10-12 people.  THREE times I’ve worked in front of literally no one.  No one came to the show but the promoter insistedContinue reading “I should have learned to swim while I was at Crystal Lake”

Nip/Tuck the Movie Part 3 – The Return of the Carver’s Revenge : The Carvening

I’ve got my Naperville show mostly booked.  I mean I have the people booked, there’s still going to be a lot more time spent bickering about who’s going to go over and how and what kind of time they’ll have and when they can sell merch and all that bullshit.  Wrestlers are pretty annoying fromContinue reading “Nip/Tuck the Movie Part 3 – The Return of the Carver’s Revenge : The Carvening”

An excuse is worse than a lie

When I broke into the business there was a small “rebellion” over the way women are treated in the wrestling business.  Nothing much happened other than a couple of marginal guys who did some foul shit didn’t get booked for a while.  They’re all back in the swing of things now.    I lost a coupleContinue reading “An excuse is worse than a lie”

Death wore a cowboy hat

I suppose instead of putting together a wrestling show I should be traveling the country figuring out what the female empowerment cult people are up to and coming up with a plan for putting a stop to their wicked ways.  But why is that my responsibility?  That sounds childish but I still feel it. IContinue reading “Death wore a cowboy hat”

To a certain degree I think if you are invited to a goat-mask orgy you know the risks

I’ve decided that if no one wants to book me, I’ll run my own show.  I did it once before.  Sure, Kim fronted the money and it only worked because of him, but that’s no reason not to try myself right?  Oh, it is?  Well, I’m doing it anyway.  This will pretty well clean meContinue reading “To a certain degree I think if you are invited to a goat-mask orgy you know the risks”

omne trium perfectum

Three times now.  First The Asian Girl.  Then Cassie.  Now these archery girls.  Three times teenage girls just happen across a magic book and they can do magic and they immediately start doing evil shit.  There’s no way that can be a coincidence.   Doing magic is fucking hard.  You can’t just find a book andContinue reading “omne trium perfectum”

Some pun about Sabrina the teen-aged witch

A guy came in right as Merry started crying herself stupid.  I told him she had just found out she was pregnant and he scurried away.    There’s crying and then there’s ugly crying.  And then there’s what this woman was doing.  The amount of snot coming out of her nose was astonishing.  There was someContinue reading “Some pun about Sabrina the teen-aged witch”