Best of Luck In Your Future Endeavors

Over the past few days I’ve filled in some blanks.  The detective had told her sister if anything ever happened and she wasn’t around for her to call me.  And she isn’t around because I got her killed.  “Anything” in this case was the father of the boy Cassie had killed finding her and kidnappingContinue reading “Best of Luck In Your Future Endeavors”

Grace vs Alphonsus Liguori – Texas Death Match

When I was younger whenever I had a place that I felt was safe to pass out and the money for booze, I would drink until I blacked out.  Pro tip, if you’re in a college town it’s easy to find a party and walk off with a bottle of shitty booze.   I haven’t doneContinue reading “Grace vs Alphonsus Liguori – Texas Death Match”


There’s a big show coming up where a bunch of indy promotions are working together to put together a showcase.  Like the so called supercards of old.  Or so I’m told.  The PPW match is going to be Solo, Kenda & the boss’s daughter against Kinross, myself, and our “hired gun” Mil Muertes (not thatContinue reading “SuperDUPERClash”