Dave and Jimmy – Vampire Hunters

I was somewhere in Nebraska when I saw online that the kid I was going to see in Parma is in prison for aggravated assault.  Not because of the video I saw, which could be fake, but because he stabbed one of his classmates with a sharpened pool cue “stake”.    I should have looked forContinue reading “Dave and Jimmy – Vampire Hunters”

The Parma Vampire Diaries w/ special guest star Amazing Grace

I called Bora and told her that her friend is definitely involved with some real magic.  I then told her that due to a series of blunders on my part, that friend is probably scared out of her wits.  I really am bad at this.  I suggested that Bora try to make contact with herContinue reading “The Parma Vampire Diaries w/ special guest star Amazing Grace”

The most electrifying woman in sports today

The good news is that I know for sure there’s magic shit going on.  The bad news is everything else.  Around 3 AM I went back and levitated up the side of the house to the bedroom window.  That’s a spell I learned from 42561. Lifting off the ground is cool.  But it’s not nearly asContinue reading “The most electrifying woman in sports today”

Good thing she didn’t have a gun

Waiting in the parking lot while other more deserving women became empowered, I did some more digging on social media.  Several of her college teammates are members of this group and I think a woman who was their coach at Tulane is the one who brought them into it.  It seemed a little culty but it may not haveContinue reading “Good thing she didn’t have a gun”

Feminism ain’t cheap bub

I have a room at the Rodeway Inn in Ontario, which is close enough to Rancho Cucamonga.  It’s not much for 80 damn dollars a night but it’s the cheapest I could find.  The money I socked away working for PPW is dwindling rapidly.    I’ve been spinning my wheels and stalking my target on socialContinue reading “Feminism ain’t cheap bub”

World’s greatest detective

It wasn’t that long ago that I lived in my car.  Now it feels weird.  It’s bizarre how quickly things can change in your mind.  I keep wondering when I’m going home.  I am home.  Bora and Kelly’s friend lives in Rancho Cucamonga.  I admit that until now, I thought that was a name theContinue reading “World’s greatest detective”

I got a hotdog and a Dixie cup of orange drink for performing once

Bora the Elaborate took me to the casino restaurant, the Full House Bar & Grill, where she got to eat for free!  Maybe I should get into stage magic.  We were met there by another woman, Kelly “Card” Sharp the Queen of Diamonds, who was also a magician.   The fake kind, not like me. Normally itContinue reading “I got a hotdog and a Dixie cup of orange drink for performing once”

Appearing next week Rolando the Mysterious!

I don’t understand how, but it seems like my stint in PPW has decreased my profile.  I’m getting fewer bookings and less traffic on my platforms.  I can’t understand how having national exposure with them has hurt me.   Maybe they’re trashing me.  With nothing much going on, I decided to head to Louisiana to visit DougContinue reading “Appearing next week Rolando the Mysterious!”

Am I the annoying person in the band who’s always threatening to quit?

Last night I worked a woman called Bulldozer.  She had BULLDOZER tattooed on her arm from wrist to shoulder and her ring gear was cut off jean shorts and a tank top.  I know I’m not really one to talk, but she looked like a man wearing a wig.    She was sloppy as hell.  AtContinue reading “Am I the annoying person in the band who’s always threatening to quit?”

The real story? This is wrestling

The woman at the PPW office told me that they had leased the apartment so I didn’t need to stay there past the end of the month.  She was very apologetic about the “situation”.  Her apologizing got annoying.  You feeling sorry about it doesn’t do me any good, lady, so shut up. Stew came over to giveContinue reading “The real story? This is wrestling”