Getting the band back together

Since I wasn’t doing anything I took a little trip.  I haven’t been at a wrestling show just to watch since I was training with Doug the Disco Biscuit.  I went to a couple shows out west and over in Texas.  It was nice to get a little perspective as a “fan”.  It would have been nicer if I had enough industry cred to get in for free.

I was at a show in Austin when the PPW folks called me and said they wanted me back on TV next week.  When I got back to Phoenix I saw Stew sitting by the pool at the apartment complex.   I did a triple take at least.  Since things had soured between us we had exchanged a couple texts but I didn’t expect he would come out here to see me.

And I was right, because he didn’t.  When I was walking up to talk to him I saw Kinross carrying some boxes into a ground level unit behind him.  When she saw me she grinned at me and gave me a thumbs up.  Turns out PPW brought them in to work with me.

The booker told me that I was coming back as a team with Kinross with Stew as our manager.  It didn’t make sense to me, especially Stew as our manager – Kinross doesn’t need a mouthpiece and frankly neither do I.  I guess he’s rehabbing a pretty bad ankle injury and just wants something do to.

I asked what we were going to do as a team since there’s only three other women on the roster and he said they’re going to bring people in for a women’s tag tournament.  He said that the tournament I did with Kinross made a lot of money, which is odd since I didn’t even get paid for it as I remember.  They want to cash in on that magic again.

Since things were already awkward I decided to be frank with Kinross.  I told her that before my goal to make her look good, but this was different.  I’m the one that needs to look strong now.  I wanted to make it clear that this was my deal.  She seemed to be on board but I don’t really trust her anymore.  I guess we’ll find out.

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