The prettiest girl in Wurzburg

Gobel Babelin was the prettiest girl in Wurzburg.  That’s on record.  It’s on Wikipedia.  When she was 19 years old, she was tortured until she said she was a witch.  Then they cut her head off for being a witch.  Later, the guy that accused her of witchery admitted that he said she was aContinue reading “The prettiest girl in Wurzburg”

Although we’ve come, To the end of the road

I finished up all my bookings before I head to Phoenix.  I left myself about a week and a half to screw around with Gary. My show last night was a make-up for the tournament finals that didn’t happen before.  Things didn’t go great.  Again. Kinross told me that she had changed her mind.  SheContinue reading “Although we’ve come, To the end of the road”

Pretty Woman 2 – The Revenge

A while back I got a call about being in a weird movie about maids.  I got another call today about being in a movie as “screaming naked woman at bus stop”.  Which was odd.  I figured it out.  Turns out I’m not the only Amazing Grace. In 2010 there was a woman who wrestledContinue reading “Pretty Woman 2 – The Revenge”

Calm > storm

It’s a bit strange driving up to a flea market for a show in an expensive vehicle.  Even if it is the largest outdoor weekly April-Oct flea market in Central Wisconsin. I should sell it and buy a Transit van for 20k and throw a sleeping bag in the back.  But I’m not going to. Continue reading “Calm > storm”

Danger Zone

Last night Kinross and I were supposed to win the tournament finals.  We did not. I’ve heard my peers talk at GREAT length about how cutthroat the business is.  I always thought they meant in general with shady promoters and everyone out for themselves.  But I understand now what they mean by backstage politics.  TheContinue reading “Danger Zone”

Magical mystery brain damage tour

Gary headed home to martial some resources for our trip to Mexico.  I headed to a show in Imperial.  I called 42561 to see if she would help with whatever Gary has planned.  She didn’t answer.  I decided not to call the Professor.  Something feels wrong about him now that I know Gary’s story.  IContinue reading “Magical mystery brain damage tour”

Take, take, take

Kinross and I lost our first tournament match last night in Tulsa.  We have one more match, which we’re going to win, and then we’ll be in the finals.  Stew was there with her and I’m 99% sure now that he was flirting with me.  Not exactly sure what to do with that.  But it’sContinue reading “Take, take, take”

Law and Order – Dracula and Mummy Unit

We were on the road to a show in Tulsa when the detective called.  She said that we needed to talk immediately.  The fact that she didn’t swear or threaten to kill me was unnerving.  I said we were talking right then.  She said that phones weren’t safe. We met at the Choctaw Casino inContinue reading “Law and Order – Dracula and Mummy Unit”

The guy that wrote Fight Club can eat it

I wasn’t sure my healing spell would work.  I’ve mostly used it on myself. Never for something as serious as a gunshot.  But it worked.  The bullet pushed out of Gary’s surprisingly well toned stomach like a little mole nosing out of the ground.  The wound mostly closed up.  Mostly.  He was still bleeding prettyContinue reading “The guy that wrote Fight Club can eat it”

Someday I’m going to get myself in real trouble thinking like this

I decided to stick with my original plan – investigate the slaughterhouse and if there’s illegal stuff there, call the cops.  Then if the guy magics or vampires his way out of it, that’s when we go to plan B – confrontation.   Since snooping is best done at night, we stopped at a roadside motelContinue reading “Someday I’m going to get myself in real trouble thinking like this”