Women attacking women for money

When Kim first gave me a place to stay in Tallahassee, I was unsettled.  I was not used to staying in one place for long.  I thought I might be more used to it the second time around but I’m not.  In a way this is worse.  The apartment in Tallahassee was just a baseContinue reading “Women attacking women for money”

What is happiness and why do you think you deserve it? Asking for a friend

When I got to Phoenix, I sold the van Gary bought me and bought a 2017 Avalon.  I always thought that anyone who took “dirty money” was stupid.  I understand now.  It is stupid.  But you do it anyway. I don’t normally give a shit about things.  I loved that van.  I couldn’t stand toContinue reading “What is happiness and why do you think you deserve it? Asking for a friend”

Blood simple

I spent the night in my van a couple miles away.  When I woke up and checked my phone, I saw a bunch of news stories about a “bizarre incident” at the abandoned Angel Square Mall.  A pack of wild dogs or wolves or coyotes had attacked and killed 11 men and 2 women.   ThereContinue reading “Blood simple”

Then take it. For I, too, am certain that you will receive precisely what is coming to you

It didn’t look like much.  It was a dark black rock about the size and shape of an iPhone.  It had small white-silver veins through it.   I don’t know anything about rocks, can someone tell me what those are?  Carved into the rock was a circle about the size of my thumb and finger togetherContinue reading “Then take it. For I, too, am certain that you will receive precisely what is coming to you”

Dog with two bones

When the detective came down from whatever high or mania was holding her up, she fell asleep on a deck chair.  I went inside and pulled Gary out of the closet.  I asked him if he knew about the sex trafficking.  He said that he didn’t but I could see in his eyes that heContinue reading “Dog with two bones”

A time to kill

A few days ago the detective called me.  It’s hard to remember now what she was like when I first met her.  Then she was in control of everything and everyone.  She scared me.  She was scary.  Now it seems like she’s being held together by gum and shoestrings.  She sounds more like she belongsContinue reading “A time to kill”

When you have money nothing is a problem

The meeting with the Swede was at the abandoned downtown mall Gary had invested in.  The one where the bomb went off.  Because that’s where the Swede and his band of violent magic lunatics squat.   I’m no prima donna, I used to live in places like that.  But I tell you, it was fucking rough. Continue reading “When you have money nothing is a problem”

Confidence is the key to business success

Last time I saw Gary he was falling apart.  He had been wearing the same clothes for weeks.  He was on the road with me 24/7.  He was on the edge of a breakdown and he looked like it.  He was a sloppy emotional mess.  Now that he’s back in his mansion in his fancyContinue reading “Confidence is the key to business success”