In the olden times, it was not uncommon for wrestlers working heel to carry guns.  Because the fans hated them so much they would legitimately try to kill them.  In those days, you weren’t over as a heel until someone pulled a knife on you.  That’s how much people bought into wrestling as recently as the 90s.

Back then, people believed so much that wrestling was legit that whenever one of the good guys was arrested at the airport with garbage bags full of Mexican pain pills and several bricks of cocaine, as they often were, some fans would genuinely believe that whoever they were feuding with had framed them.   That’s how into wrestling people were.

I know a couple wrestlers that would sell me a gun if I could afford it.  Doesn’t seem like a good idea for a couple reasons.  Chief among them that I don’t know how to shoot.  And I’m not pretty enough for them to offer to show me how to shoot so they can rub their cock on my ass while instructing on a “proper shooting stance”. 

Instead I went to Raising Cane’s Chicken Fingers for a late lunch and then down the street to the Westlake Ace Hardware.  I bought a Steel Grip 16 ounce Smooth Face Claw Steel Handle Hammer for $12.  Some of the hammers there are 40 bucks.  I wonder what the difference is.  Does a 40 dollar hammer make the nails go in harder?

This hammer is drop forged, heat treated, has a no-slip handle, and is 12 inches in length.  If I had an Ace Rewards card it would have earned me double points (24).

Here’s a review I found of it (one star) –

“I have over 50 years experience in contracting and cabinet making, I bought this as a cheap backup hammer for a project far from home so I won’t have to bring all my tools. The hammer has a surface and angle that will bend even a #6 nail. Bad design. Not like the classic Craftsman hammers that were very useable. Bought a 12 oz. Estwing, great hammer but cost more. That with my 24oz. framing hammer and I am ok for the rest of the job.”

Fifty years is a lot of experience.  Those last three sentences are pointless though.  He should have ended his review with “bad design”. 

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