Showtime 2 – The Return of the Revenge of the Second Chapter

Evan came bursting into Kim’s apartment (I still can’t call it my apartment) pitching a fit because a promoter friend of his dad’s had called.  This guy had a show set up and some other promoter had hired away half of the guys he had booked.  Why?  A pissant rivalry between two promotions no one’sContinue reading “Showtime 2 – The Return of the Revenge of the Second Chapter”

I don’t think I’ve ever worn a skirt

Normally I don’t have any issues with the guys coming in to Kim’s school.  Today was an exception.  A dude came in who had to have been a solid 6’6, jacked to the rafters.  He would have had a great look if he didn’t have a stupid braid down to his ass.  Or maybe not. Continue reading “I don’t think I’ve ever worn a skirt”

The penis mightier

Last night I was jawing with a fan and he said something about me being crazy.  I retorted by grabbing my crotch and saying that his momma was crazy about this pussy.  He literally ran away.    Later backstage the promoter said he was fining me 100 dollars.  I thought he was kidding. He was not. Continue reading “The penis mightier”

The comfort of nihilism

I got a call from the detective asking what I knew about ghosts.  I gave her the professor’s contact information and she hung up.  But she didn’t swear at me or threaten to kill me.  I think we’re best friends now.    I also got a call from the professor’s wife asking if we were havingContinue reading “The comfort of nihilism”

go-home show

So.  Eterno maybe killed Obaluaiye, my first mentor, who I didn’t really know but I think was a good person.  And Eterno maybe killed a washed up old wrestler who maybe killed werewolves because he thought it was the right thing to do. What next?  Go “home”. When I got back to Tallahassee, I satContinue reading “go-home show”

Is it trite to have a title about the subjective nature of truth, reality, and memory?

Wrestling is a culture of bullshitting.  That probably comes from it being based on a shared delusion.  No one thinks wrestling is real, but everyone agrees to pretend.  Which is pretty strange.  When you go and see Stupid Superhero Movie #58, you don’t pretend that Captain Pecs and Lady T&A are real people really fightingContinue reading “Is it trite to have a title about the subjective nature of truth, reality, and memory?”

More anti-climactic than WrestleMania 16

Erie is a bigger city than I expected.  I thought it was a tiny place but it’s easily the equal of such metropolises as Tuscaloosa, South Bend, or Wichita Falls.  Wasn’t there a crappy TV show about some kids fighting aliens in Erie?  Or witches? The spell led me to an abandoned trailer park. AnContinue reading “More anti-climactic than WrestleMania 16”

Hazard Zet Forward

I got in a car accident last night.  Given how much I drive it’s pretty astounding that was the first time.  Especially since I never learned how to drive.  I just got behind the wheel and went. I’ve heard you can take classes for driving. I think I got the gist. A car coming around aContinue reading “Hazard Zet Forward”

Tempest in a d-cup

I made my way up the coast working shows in Columbus, Chattanooga, Asheville, Richmond, and Allentown before jogging over to Colt’s Neck for the last show before my hunt for the werewolf hunter.  I had a pretty good run for a while of wrestling women who leaned towards a serious gimmick.  Not as much inContinue reading “Tempest in a d-cup”

The old man and the wolf

I was able to track down the mystery girl for the detective with my finding spell.  So I decided to see if I could do the same with Dennis “Scrap Iron” Ray.  If he started wrestling in the 60s he was probably born in the 40s at least so he’s got to be pretty oldContinue reading “The old man and the wolf”