The comfort of nihilism

I got a call from the detective asking what I knew about ghosts.  I gave her the professor’s contact information and she hung up.  But she didn’t swear at me or threaten to kill me.  I think we’re best friends now.   

I also got a call from the professor’s wife asking if we were having an affair.  I laughed before I realized how insulting that was.  Even if I was interested in that, I’m around mostly nude hot guys all the time.  The idea that of all people I would go out of my way to hook up with an old Santa-looking grundy is laughable.  Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of mutants in wrestling too, but there’s talent here.

I’ve also been getting a lot of calls about when I’m going to run another show.  I’m not.  For sure.  That was the most stressful experience of my life.  And I’ve been stabbed a couple times.   

Last night I worked at a place that used to be a roller rink.  I’ve worked in plenty of shitty venues. This one may have been the shittiest.  I don’t think any maintenance had been done to the place since people went roller skating.  When did people do that?  The 1960’s? 

There was a hole in the roof.  And not a small one.  You could have jumped through it arm in arm with someone.  Looked like it had been there a while.  There were birds living in the rafters.  Looking up and seeing the stars during a match is very strange.   Especially when you’re theoretically inside.

I told the promoter that he should offer a deal where anyone that catches one of the many rats roaming around would get a free hotdog.  He didn’t think that was funny.  Is this what people that grew up in homes with parents are like?  They can’t grasp the fact that everything is horrible and there’s no chance of anything ever getting better so you may as well laugh about it?   

Normal people are so serious about everything.   

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