Tempest in a d-cup

I made my way up the coast working shows in Columbus, Chattanooga, Asheville, Richmond, and Allentown before jogging over to Colt’s Neck for the last show before my hunt for the werewolf hunter. 

I had a pretty good run for a while of wrestling women who leaned towards a serious gimmick.  Not as much in my past few shows.  Example, last night I worked a woman called Double Dee.  Which aside from the obvious is also not that creative.  Although I suppose when you’re going that route, creativity is not what you need.

In Allentown, I wrestled someone similar and she got mad at me for some of the stuff I said during our match.  I do a lot of talking these days.  Using magic to amplify my voice has really helped me.  I feel very uncomfortable with a microphone in my hand.  I do better when I can just spout off.

We had discussed beforehand that I would be going after her looks, but she still got bent at me for “slut shaming”.  It all seemed above board to me.  In my heart of hearts I think a heel should be able to say anything they want, but I try to play nice.

Case in point, since she was upset I apologized.  But she didn’t like my apology so then I had to apologize for my apology.  At one point she said that she couldn’t help the way she looks so her looks aren’t a fair target.  But we talked about it before and she agreed.  Plus she has implants so she can help that.  I didn’t try to argue with her, I just apologized until she went away. 

I wish I had someone to give me some advice on these kinds of things.  I think I’ve gotten pretty good at heel promos.  But I don’t know.  It’s a tricky business.  It’s easy to make people hate you.  But you have to make them hate you in the right way.  The way where they want to see you get your ass kicked.  Not the kind of hate where they won’t go to a show or go to the bathroom during your match. 

You need to get into it with people and rile them up, but you can’t be a bully either.  Wrestling fans are very fragile.  If you startle them they may not come out of their mom’s basement for years.  And that’s lost revenue.

Nothing kills a show like someone who doesn’t know how to cut a heel promo and is alienating everyone.  I mean in the wrong way.  There’s a right way to alienate people.  Like I said it’s complicated. 

I just realized that half my posts are crying about how I don’t have a mentor to help me.  I really am capable and independent.  I swear.

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