Can you be put on the no fly list if you don’t have a name?

RNBPL is supposed to deliver her not-zombie soldiers at the end of the month, so I have some time.  Not a lot, but some.  I called the Man from Mississippi, aka badass John C. Reilly, aka the guy who I probably should be working for instead of wrestling.  I told him that I needed fiveContinue reading “Can you be put on the no fly list if you don’t have a name?”

Magic Police – Episode 1 “The Thin Purple Line”

I don’t know what to do about the woman I will now start calling Raven Nightshade Blackmore Pandora Lilith.  While hilarious, that’s not even fair because she’s not gothy or emo despite being a grave robber.  I don’t know what she is.  As far as I can tell, the clothes on her back are herContinue reading “Magic Police – Episode 1 “The Thin Purple Line””

Ken Burns History of American Necromancy

I have no idea if any of this is true but this is what my graveyard friend told me.   At the tail end of the civil war, a man called Jedidiah Crane saw the way things were heading for the Confederacy.  He decided that the only way for the south to win was to callContinue reading “Ken Burns History of American Necromancy”

What does a necromancer order at Denny’s? Country-fried steak and eggs

Wasn’t there a plot on the Wire where one of the kids thought one of the drug dealers was a zombie master?  That show was based on a true story.  So the question – was the real guy who the character in the Wire was based on an actual necromancer?  Being a drug kingpin seemsContinue reading “What does a necromancer order at Denny’s? Country-fried steak and eggs”

Friendship is magic 3 – The Walking Dead Edition

I don’t know how many miles I’ve driven in the last two years but it’s a lot.  Tens of thousands.  You drive that much, you see some weird stuff going on with your fellow motorists.  After a while you don’t even notice it anymore.  You see a clown and an Easter bunny in a carContinue reading “Friendship is magic 3 – The Walking Dead Edition”

Come for the fake boobs and stay for the fake chicken

I think they still have ring girls in boxing and MMA sometimes.  They don’t have them in wrestling.  Because there’s no rounds.  The promoter I worked for last night decided to ignore that.  He brought in a waitress from a chicken and tits joint to stand around doing nothing while the announcer announced.  And onceContinue reading “Come for the fake boobs and stay for the fake chicken”

I can’t think of a good title – something about ringworms?

I’ve occasionally had to cancel a show.  Due to magical curses and near-deadly beatings.  You know how that goes.  I’ve never refused to work once I was at the venue.  I’ve seen people do that a couple times.  And somehow I’m the one with a “bad attitude”. I almost walked away from a show lastContinue reading “I can’t think of a good title – something about ringworms?”

Growing the brand

I managed to get on a couple shows with 42561 but she hadn’t been receptive to magic chat.  Or any other kind of chat.  She was avoiding me studiously.    Last night in Fort Wayne, I tried a new tactic.  I haven’t been using my fetch in matches much in a while for this reason andContinue reading “Growing the brand”

Second floor – Perfumery, Wigs and lady’s hats, Third floor – Origins of human violence and crushing despair

I try to conduct my affairs from my car.  And I don’t really get any personal calls.  Some people have no problem spewing their business out in front of everyone backstage.  Last night I heard a guy asking his doctor “is it cancer?”    The way he said it was chilling.  It wasn’t the tone ofContinue reading “Second floor – Perfumery, Wigs and lady’s hats, Third floor – Origins of human violence and crushing despair”

Van world order 4 life

I’m back in Kim’s apartment and I’ve dedicated myself to cyber-stalking 42561.  She used to wrestle under the name Golden Grace on account of her real name is Grace Holden.  Maybe.  According to the internet my real name is Amy Lee.  So.    She has more of a presence online than I do, but a lotContinue reading “Van world order 4 life”