If someone comes to the show by mule that’s a good sign also

I saw Angela Hill at the gym the other day.  The only reason I recognized her is because I saw a tweet from her recently.  More surprising is that she recognized me from my bare-knuckle fight.  We chatted for a bit.  She was complimentary about how tough I was, but I could tell she wasContinue reading “If someone comes to the show by mule that’s a good sign also”


I have no bookings on the schedule and I’m in Hattiesburg, Mississippi.  I’ve got 200 bucks for gas to get somewhere if I do get booked.  Other than that, I spent the last of my money at Leatha’s BBQ.  I keep saying that I’m better with my money than it seems.  Obviously I’m lying toContinue reading “Stuck”

A quad to remember

I didn’t see what happened, but last night they carried a guy into the back that couldn’t put any weight on one leg.  People were saying that it was a torn quad but I don’t know if that’s true. I think I’ve worked more than a hundred shows at this point but I’ve hardly everContinue reading “A quad to remember”

The 4th rule of outlaw fight club is blah blah you know whatever

The first Outlaw Fight Club show went up today.  It’s pretty well produced.  Not good good, but it looks as good as anything you’re going to see out here in the real world.  The roster was pretty weak but the presentation was good.  Which goes a long way.  Paris Torissi was in the main eventContinue reading “The 4th rule of outlaw fight club is blah blah you know whatever”

Usually sex gets top billing

Last night, I ran into Josh aka Dan Conway aka the orgy guy aka the part time male prostitute.  He’s now working under the name Mustafa “Bayonet” Tanaka which is pretty ballsy for a white guy.  Is ballsy the right word for what he’s doing?  The initial awkwardness generated by our last meeting soon gaveContinue reading “Usually sex gets top billing”

The third rule of outlaw fight club is being a waste of human skin

I’m not an angry person.  I learned early in life that getting mad doesn’t help anything.  I have enough problems without making things worse for myself.  I am currently fucking livid.  I was driving into La Grande when the Outlaw Fight Club guy called and told me that plans had changed.  They are now goingContinue reading “The third rule of outlaw fight club is being a waste of human skin”

Even Robert Redford did it

It doesn’t happen as much these days, but once upon a time in the biz, a lot of people used the same moniker.  There were 5-10 Nature Boys at any one time.  I don’t understand that one.  What’s a Nature Boy?  Did they mean like Tarzan?  Then you had your Hacksaws, Crushers, Bruisers, King Kongs,Continue reading “Even Robert Redford did it”

What’s the deal with sunglasses? Have you seen this?

I found a website where a stand-up comic talks about their travels.  I’ve heard that the life of a stand-up is a lot like the life of a wrestler.  You travel all the time.  You work shit venues.  You may or may not get paid.  You suck at it when you first start.  You’re aloneContinue reading “What’s the deal with sunglasses? Have you seen this?”

Antiques Roadshow – Magic serial killer edition

The professor asked me to meet him at his office on campus rather than his house.  I guess because he’s married.  He can’t exactly pass me off as one of his students.  Although I suppose she probably wouldn’t like it if he was bringing female students home either. Walking across campus, I wondered what percentageContinue reading “Antiques Roadshow – Magic serial killer edition”

The second rule of outlaw fight club is eat at Applebee’s

I got a call from Outlaw Fight Club asking me to come out west.  They’re starting a YouTube show and they’re going to film seven episodes over a long weekend.  They aren’t sure how many shows they want me on, but they offered me 400 bucks regardless if I was used or not.  Sounded likeContinue reading “The second rule of outlaw fight club is eat at Applebee’s”