I’m looking at you, Ed “Strangler” Lewis

I don’t know if the Scrap Iron Papers are a joke or what they are.  But I’ve often thought that at some point there had to have been a wrestling serial killer.   

It’s the perfect set up for serial killing.  You have a profession where you’re on the road all the time, you’re isolated from society, you’re probably crazy in the first place, and you’re most likely violent.  Plus, back in the olden times wrestlers were criminals.  The stories the old timers tell are all about ripping people off and getting over on them.   

You’re telling me that in the 100-whatever year history of wresting, with the tens of thousands of people that have run through the biz, one of them wasn’t a serial killer?  You’re in a town for one night, you have enough fame that you can attract a victim but not so much that anyone is going to remember you, and the next day you’re hundreds of miles away.  Surely there’s been at least one wrestling serial killer. 


I watched part of a superhero movie where the guy from Sherlock is a wizard.  To do magic he invokes a demon or a god or some kind of entity.  By the Winds of Watoom, by the Denizens of Dahak, by the Goblet of Glip-Glop.  Stuff like that.  To do the really good magic, he takes power from Hell itself.

In this era of outrage I wonder what Marvel would do if I claimed to be offended as an actual practitioner of magic.  Maybe they’d hire me as a magical sensitivity consultant on their next movie.  But probably not.   

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2 thoughts on “I’m looking at you, Ed “Strangler” Lewis

  1. If you had to guess, which wrestler was a serial killer? If you HAD to guess.
    But don’t pick someone still alive because you don’t want them hunting you down.


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