Did you ever dance with the devil by the pale moonlight?

I don’t often meet fans.  Probably because I don’t have fans.  Usually my interactions are someone who was at the show sees me at IHOP afterwards and they say something weird about my scars.  It’s good to know that so many douchebags would do me even though I’m “all cut up”.   

A few nights ago, a guy came up to me after a show and gave me some notebooks.  He didn’t know who I was or even like wrestling.  He came to the show specifically to give me the notebooks.   When I asked him why, he said he didn’t want to say.  He kind of looked like Bob Ross. 

They were the “memoirs” of a wrestler called Dennis “Scrap Iron” Ray.  There’s a ton of wrestlers that don’t warrant a Wikipedia page but most of them are at least on wrestling nerd wikis.  I could barely find anything on this guy even on those sites.  All I could learn is that he started wrestling in the mid-60s and disappeared from the scene sometime in the early 80s.   

Most of it is just “I went to this place and did this match”.  I’m realizing now that’s mostly what this blog is as well.  Then there are the parts where he talks about killing werewolves.  If werewolves are realk this guy hated them.  And if this writing is true, he killed a bunch of them.  He has names and dates and places for all his werewolf hunting activities. 

My first assumption was that this guy was crazy.  Second thought was that someone was fucking with me.  I looked up some of the people he claims were werewolves and that he killed.  Most of them I couldn’t find anything on.  Three of them I did find and they’re missing persons.  One of them is an unsolved murder.  

So.  Most likely, someone doctored these books to mess with me.  Which is still very unlikely.  Who would bother?  Second most likely, Scrap Iron was crazy and wrote down people’s names when he heard they disappeared and claimed they were werewolves and he killed them.  Third most likely, he was a serial killer and he killed these people and they aren’t werewolves.  Fourth most likely, there was a wrestling werewolf hunter.   

I’d really like to find Bob Ross and ask him what the hell this is about.  

Also if you’re reading this and are a werewolf or have proof of the existence of werewolves, drop me a line.   

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