King of the losers

I answer my phone all the time to numbers I don’t know.  When you’re at the bottom of the heap, the difference between calling someone back and picking up the first time can be the difference between getting booked and not.   

Ergo I talk to a lot of flakes and cranks.  A guy called today saying he wanted me to be in a movie called Planet of the Maids.  I have no idea who he is or how he got my number.  He started to tell me about it but I told him I didn’t care as long as it wasn’t porn and I get paid.  I doubt anything will come of it. 

A couple years ago a video went viral of a “soccer mom” getting mercilessly beaten by an MMA fighter.  The narrative wasn’t exactly right, the woman was a fighter, she was just a shitty fighter.  Whenever you look at the early fights of a boxer or MMA person, you see a lot of people with 0-3 careers.  She’s one of those.  Someone who had a dream and was quickly shown that dream was not a good idea. 

I’m pretty sure I saw that woman at the gym this morning.  I wondered if people like her and I ever fight each other.  Do the people pulling the strings know who’s who and they make sure it’s always a legit fighter against a loser?  Does Glass Joe ever fight Max Key? 

I have a dream to run a jobber wrestling tournament with all the guys that always lose on TV.  The tagline would be “someone’s got to win”.  And then they would be crowned champion of the jobbers.  I think people would watch that. 

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