You can choose to be anything in this world – why do so many choose to be turds?

I had a chair match with Bloody Mary last night. What’s a chair match?  No one knows.  It’s one of those things we do in wrestling that doesn’t mean anything.  What’s the difference between a street fight and a no DQ match?  Or an extreme rules match and a chair match?  It’s all the same thing. 

I expected when I saw her that I would be angry.  Really angry.  I wondered if I would be able to even go through with the match.  I remember sitting in that hotel bathtub feeling like I was dying and thinking of all the horrible things I would do to her if I ever saw her again.  In that moment, I would have killed her had I the chance. 

But when I saw her there, I didn’t feel much.  Not really.  It was like encountering an annoying co-worker.  Not a mortal enemy.  Don’t get me wrong, she’s a dangerous asshole and she should quit the business.   Our match had obviously gone wrong and she smashed me in the head a bunch of times anyway.  There’s no way she didn’t know I was hurt.   

But I had a hard time bringing up any emotion over it now.  I’ve wondered before how guys in the biz with real beef, usually wife-banging beef, can work together.  Now I get it.  You’re mad but you want a hundred bucks.  So you just go out there and work like a professional.  Unless you’re New Jack, then you stab someone. 

I don’t know if the match would have been any good anyway but the crowd was brutal.  I had heard the first couple of guys coming back saying that it was a bad vibe out there.  They were booing us as soon as we came out.  Not good wrestling “you’re a bad guy and we know the deal” booing, but “we’re going to charge the ring and kill you” booing.   

In most wrestling crowds, there are a few people who just want to shit on everything anyone does.  Nothing makes them pop, they came to sit there like turds and stink up the place.   This was an entire crowd of those people.  I heard later that a guy working the merch booth got robbed after the show and whoever did it kicked the shit out of him to boot.  It was that kind of crowd. 

I fantasized about leaping into the crowd, but that would have been a good way to die.   

And I don’t want to die trampled by a mob of assholes. 

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