Who’s on your Mt. Rushmore of serial killers?

Getting back to my car and on the road was a pain in the ass but it wasn’t interesting, so I won’t talk about it.  I wonder if hitchhiking was ever really a thing or just something in movies. 

A guy backstage at the show I worked last night was talking about how there are no ‘good’ serial killers anymore.  He said that the 70’s was the golden age of serial killers.  I asked him if he knew about the guy from the professor’s book.  Then he bothered me the rest of the night because he thought I was into serial killers too.

Since I was out of touch for a while, I spent a lot of time on my phone trying to get back into the swing of things with my bookings.  Since I canceled three shows, someone online had started the rumor that I had given up the biz.  It seems like no one knows who I am unless it’s because they’re fucking up my program. 

I’m officially going to join the hallowed ranks of bare-knuckle boxers.  I was concerned that I might be too heavy because when I looked online there seemed to be only one weight class for women.  It turns out they’re not real strict in the world of third-rate promotions for a sport that is already super sketchy.  

I’m going to fight a Guatemalan woman named Jacqueline Gutiérrez in Biloxi, Mississippi.  The guy I talked to apologized fifty times because I wasn’t getting a cut of the DVD sales.  I found that hilarious.  Who buys DVDs?  Especially DVDs of what is essentially one step above a YouTube video of a street fight?  No offense, US Bare Knuckle Association.

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