School of Hard Knockers 8 – Ivy League

I don’t feel great about mooching off the professor but I don’t hate it either.  It took a few days for him to arrange a meeting with the mystery man, and once he found out I was sleeping in my car, he set me up with a guest suite on campus.  Now I can say I went to Cornell.  

After the B&B this is the second nicest place I’ve stayed.  The dining hall is nuts.  The food they get here is better than anything I eat by a mile.  They have fucking cake and brownies every day!  I kept a look out for boys disguised as girls like in all the sorority movies but I didn’t spot any.  They must be pretty good at evading detection.

I mostly stayed in the room because being around all these people freaked me out.  I spent most of my time alone.  Even when I’m at a show, I don’t interact much.  I keep saying I should work on that but how do you get started?  

Even though we’re the same age, these college students feel like kids to me.  I think I’ve felt like an adult most of my life.  That’s probably normal when you’re on your own early in life.  

I got an angry call from Eric, he had driven to one of the shows I cancelled and he was pretty pissed.  I told him that he could come meet me here while explaining again that I can’t use magic to get his wife to take him back.  I don’t think I’ll be hearing from him again.  So much for my cult.

While I was waiting, I made a list.  I’m not even sure of what, but things I need to do something about.

  1. Asian girl
  2. Eterno
  3. Guy who maybe tried to kill his ex-wife with magic
  4. Probably magic diner

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