You people make me sick

I’ve gotten pretty good at a spell that simply amplifies my voice.  It lets me talk to the crowd like I have a microphone even when I don’t.  Which is always.  A lot of shows I work don’t even have a PA system.  I’ve never been good at promos but last night I started ripping into the crowd for being there because they want to see someone get hurt.  I likened them to people who watch Nascar because they want to see a crash.  I said they were coward and voyeurs who were too scared to hurt people themselves so they watch others.   

It worked.  It really worked.  There weren’t a ton of people there but they hated me.  Some of them threw stuff at me. You know someone is pissed when they hurl a 12 dollar beer at you.  It seemed pretty unique at the time, but thinking about it more it’s similar to Mick Foley’s anti-wrestling bit in ECW years ago.  But if you try to limit yourself to things that have never been done before, you’re not going to do much.

When I got backstage my opponent asked me how I did that.  I told her there was a small mic in my mask and it connected to an app on my phone.  She had no further questions.  Sometimes the fact that no one cares about much anyone else is doing is helpful.  But not usually.  Usually it’s awful.

I watched a movie called My Fair Lady.  It’s about some guys that make a bet about turning a gross street urchin into a proper lady.  It was pretty good.  I think modern cinema is really missing the ‘two rich guys making a bet over maybe ruining a woman’s life’ storyline.  If any crazy rich people want to make a bet about if one of them can use their money to make me the world’s most successful wrestler I’m game for that. 

I also watched an episode of My Bare Lady.  It’s a British reality show about teaching porn stars to be real actors.  My Fair Lady was better but not by as much as you might think.

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