Nothing to say

I don’t feel the need to apologize for not posting for a while this time.  What is there to say?  That I’m drinking too much?  That I can’t sleep but I lay in bed most of the day?  That I’m blowing through my money staying at a motel  and not looking for work?

My car’s gone.  The police impounded it and I can’t get it back since I don’t own it.  Everything I own was in that car besides my phone.  I think about that sometimes when I should be thinking about how I probably got two people killed. 

That girl I “saved”?  She died a few days later.  They said she killed herself but I know the Asian girl did it.  The kid she was arguing with that night is dead too.  A week later they found him in his driveway with a skull fracture.  The police asked me about it like they think I did it.  Maybe the Asian girl made them think that. 

The story is that the kids were out in the woods partying.  I came up and asked them for money or drugs.  When they wouldn’t give me any I attacked them.  It makes more sense than the truth.  Maybe the Asian girl didn’t even have to do any magic to sell that story. 

Coming here was the worst thing I’ve ever done. 

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