Have you been injured in an accident? You have rights!

A guy contacted me because his girlfriend works for a personal injury lawyer.  He was saying that I could sue for having my uterus removed without my consent. I don’t really miss my uterus but if I can get a chunk of change for it why not?  I didn’t expect much to come of itContinue reading “Have you been injured in an accident? You have rights!”

Which is worse – serial killers or book snobs?

After my last post I got curious because I remember Royale saying something about a movie actress that helped him do magic.  I looked through some of the documents in his trunk and found out who he was talking about.  Bessie Love.  From Wikipedia – Bessie Love (born Juanita Horton) was an American-British actress whoContinue reading “Which is worse – serial killers or book snobs?”

Main event – Jolly Jane VS. Merlin

Some commenters have complained that I haven’t been talking about magic much lately.  That’s fair, no one is reading this because they need a behind the scenes look at wrestling.  There’s millions of sites for that.  There’s not much to say.  I’ve been trying to learn as much as I can on my own butContinue reading “Main event – Jolly Jane VS. Merlin”

The first rule of outlaw fight club is tweet about outlaw fight club daily

I’ve worked for a lot of companies with dumb names.  There are only so many different combinations of Championship and Wrestling you can put together.  I’ve never worked for OMEGA but I like that name.  The worst I think I’ve worked for was named Champions Championship Wrestling.  Last night I worked for Outlaw Fight ClubContinue reading “The first rule of outlaw fight club is tweet about outlaw fight club daily”

I wonder if Amway would sponsor a wrestler

I’ve been thinking lately about incorporating a fireball into my act.  I don’t know if anyone does this anymore since Hulk Hogan fucked up the whole thing in WCW.  I see a table set on fire and someone thrown on the table sometimes, but I’ve never see anyone throw a fireball.  I believe this isContinue reading “I wonder if Amway would sponsor a wrestler”

Kayfabe news already used the title I wanted

My car started.  I missed the Silver City show.  I missed a chance to see Eterno.  I don’t know how to feel about that really. On the topic of anti-climaxes.  A few people in the comments have complained that there was no resolution to the diner outside of Macon.  I don’t know what to tellContinue reading “Kayfabe news already used the title I wanted”

The only thing real in wrestling is the miles

My car broke down today.  It’s 24 years old.  The odometer was broken when I bought it but it was over 400,000 miles whenever it stopped worked.  I regularly drive over a thousand miles a week.  I’ve had it about nine months.  I don’t know anything about cars or maintaining them.  Oil change is allContinue reading “The only thing real in wrestling is the miles”

The T stands for Thunder

I listened to an old interview with Bad News Allen and he was talking about how what helped him is not being a mark for the business.  As long as he got paid, he didn’t care about losing or looking bad.  I nodded along in the car thinking “yeah, that’s what I got going forContinue reading “The T stands for Thunder”

Snozz? Knackered? Kip?

That British dude I mentioned before was at the show I worked last night.  I may not have this word for word, but here’s what he said on the mic – “Step up my lad and I will take you on a sailing trip and you will not like what’s under the mizzen.  I’ll runContinue reading “Snozz? Knackered? Kip?”