Out of character – we can do it!

I’ve learned that I merely need 75,000 followers to get a FREE merchandise store. Then I can sell all the Amazing Grace t-shirts and foam hands and ice cream bars and action figures and replica championship belts and wrist-bands you’ve ever dreamed of!

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4 thoughts on “Out of character – we can do it!

  1. I have read all of your Amazing Grace posts from Sept 2020. thru Jan. 2021 – really fun, interesting, and unique.
    My name is Terry Lattimer (as 00individual on my ’60s and ’70s site) and was Jakks Pacific main WWF action figure designer and sculptor from ’96 (I am the designer creator of the BCA lines plus 40 other lines) thru early 2000.
    Was there for the whole rude, crude, and tattooed era of DX – sad to say but it was the best, most fun era – for the wrestlers, fans, and this sculptor. Check out this video I made for a line of wrestlers as kids:

    Flew to Stamford to show to Titan execs. McMahon liked it but Jakks, my backup, didn’t want to share a license.
    Keep up the really entertaining posts – I’ll catch up ASAP.

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